About My 2013 New Year’s Resolution

In 2013 I resolved to create one complete artwork and one poem for every day of the year. I recorded this work in a tumblr blog called postmortemism (which I may delete at some point, now that I’ve transferred the contents here). The quality of the work is expectedly uneven, but it taught me the valuable lesson (one that should be emphasized more often in creativity) that discipline (which often means working when not in the mood or right frame of mind or whatever) not infrequently produces the most interesting/surprising/energizing/inertial results.

a crud year to come uppance rudderless boat

a crud year
to come-
both of us
floating in

oliver wendell holmes

Oliver Wendell Holmes

ghost of m

Ghost of M

i heard all day of rain

I heard all
day of rain.

police officer is not going to take you home

police officer is

not going to

take you home

verbal assault

very loud


approaches you're going

to die moving patio furniture

breath again returns

robert moses

Robert Moses

camel what have you heard who knows


what have you heard

who knows


what do you make of

we don't know

may not actually mean much

advanced byproduct.


for a room full of moonlight feels plain out of

For a room full of moonlight feels plain.

Out of all pain comes no one thing.

Down into the seeds we tumbled head-heels-head-

heels-head. Gathering of flowers, welcome then.

In the dead-end weeds we turned and turned in nodes of smoke

and pulled in their nets.

ink pattern 1

ink pattern 1

albino fox

albino fox

settle it with mettle eat little argue and

Settle it with mettle
eat little
argue and fester
pinch your self-
distorted sixth
sense. Eat your own worry;
it is so thick
and edifying.

All Teh Taaaaaaaags