As I’m starting to post to this blog, I’m realizing that I need some way to manage my content, e.g. images, audio, video. I could just add the files to the static asset folders, but as I’m wont to do I decided to overly complicate matters and host my own digital library. At the museum where I work, we use an open source project called islandora to manage our digital library collections. Islandora 8 is still being developed, and the first production-ready release is due any day now, but there’s a rad development version that runs in a vagrant box, which is sufficient for my purposes here. Anyway, it’s up and running, though I don’t really understand how it all works yet. But here’s a recording I made ages ago of me covering a Pearl Jam b-side called “Footsteps” (please excuse the bad reverb and histrionics):

EDIT: Islandora is pretty much defunct, but here’s my Archipelago: